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Domestic & Commercial Garden Cleaning Services

C & M Gardening Services, your trusted partner for gardening cleaning services in and around Sellindge, Kent. From expert gutter clearance, to waste removal and power washing, we strive to take care of all your garden cleaning needs.

Garden Cleaning Services

Gutter Clearance

Waste Removal

Power Washing

Our garden cleaning services extend to thorough weeding, ensuring your garden remains free from invasive plants and allowing your flora to thrive. Additionally, we offer comprehensive gutter clearance and waste removal, ensuring an immaculate and efficient outdoor space.

With our commitment to personalised care, C & M Gardening stands as your reliable partner in maintaining a pristine garden. To keep your garden immaculate, take advantage of our garden maintenance services.

Discover the difference our garden cleaning services can make, combining expertise, passion, and attention to detail for an exceptional outdoor experience.

A hand cleaning a rain gutter


Our dedicated team understands the importance of free-flowing gutters in preserving the integrity of your property. With precision and thoroughness, we tackle gutter clearance, removing debris, leaves, and any blockages that may impede proper drainage. Our commitment to excellence extends to safeguarding your home from potential water damage by ensuring that gutters remain clear and functional.

Rake and Wheelbarrow


We understand the importance of keeping your garden space tidy and free from debris. Our dedicated team ensures the efficient collection and removal of green waste, branches, and other garden refuse, leaving you with a clean and rejuvenated outdoor environment. Whether it's post-pruning leftovers or a general garden clean-up, we handle the disposal responsibly, adhering to environmentally friendly practices.

Backyard Washing


Our team employs high-pressure water spray to eliminate dirt, grime, and stains from a range of surfaces, including walls, driveways, decks, and more. Our power washing services not only renews surfaces but also aids in preventing the accumulation of mould and mildew.

Professional Garden Cleaning

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For all of your garden cleaning services, call us at 07915 517056

Carl & Matt

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