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Domestic & Commercial Garden Maintenance Services

C & M Gardening Services is your trusted partner for gardening services in and around Sellindge, Kent. From expert grass maintenance and precise hedge cutting to efficient weeding, we deliver a range of gardening services.

Garden Maintenance Services

Grass Maintenance

Hedge Cutting


At C & M, we take pride in bringing a touch of expertise and dedication to every outdoor space.

Our skilled team specialises in tailored garden services, from meticulous grass maintenance that turns lawns into lush carpets, to precise hedge cutting that sculpts greenery with finesse.

We go beyond mere weeding - we cultivate gardens to make sure they are free from invasive plants, ensuring optimal growth for your cherished plants and flowers. 

At C & M Gardening, we understand that each garden is unique. Our commitment to personalised, attentive care ensures that your outdoor space flourishes. Alongside our garden maintenance services, we also offer garden cleaning solutions.

Discover the difference of a well-maintained garden with C & M Gardening.

Lawn Maintenance featuring a person, a wheel barrow, and a lawn mower.


We offer a complete range of grass maintenance services to ensure your lawn thrives. Our professional team begins with expert lawn mowing for a polished appearance, complemented by precise grass trimming to achieve a neat and uniform look. We go beyond the surface, incorporating strategic fertilisation and nutrient management to promote robust growth and sustained health.

Removing Weeds from a garden


Our weeding service is dedicated to cultivating gardens that are free from invasive plants, allowing your cherished flora to thrive. Our skilled team goes beyond mere removal, carefully extracting weeds while preserving the integrity of your garden.

Shrub Trimming with shears.

Hedge Cutting 

We understand that well-manicured hedges contribute significantly to the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space. Whether it's creating clean lines, maintaining the perfect height, or rejuvenating overgrown hedges, we do it all.

Taking Care of Your Garden Maintenance!

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Styled Garden featuring trees, bushes, and shrubs.

For all of your domestic or commercial garden maintenance needs, call us at 07915 517056

Carl & Matt

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